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Hydrogen will be at the centre of the net-zero emissions energy system, providing a flexible, storable source of energy with no carbon emissions at the point of use.

By using our extensive gas network infrastructure to transport hydrogen in place of methane, we can deliver a cost-effective approach to decarbonisation which works in the interests of consumers.

We are working together to evaluate and provide technical, safety, quality and financial evidence to demonstrate the viability of using Britain’s gas networks to transport and distribute hydrogen through existing and new pipes. Developing hydrogen infrastructure is vital to meet the UK’s net-zero emissions target, and network innovation is delivering the evidence we need to transform our energy system and supply hydrogen to domestic, industrial and transport customers.

Through the Gas Goes Green project the Gas Networks are committed to maximising the opportunities to use hydrogen and other renewable gas sources and are working with stakeholders, trade associations, the Regulator and Government to progress this and remove any barriers to entry, both regulatory and financial where possible.